HMT Women in Finance Charter - Why Signing Matters

Virgin Money's recent survey of women in the UK's financial market revealed that only 50% of women, compared to 70% of men, believe they have an equal opportunity to advance regardless of their personal characteristics or circumstances. New Financial's sample of 200 firms active in UK Financial Services showed an average of 23% female representation on Boards, but only 14% on Executive Committees.

Blockchain Standards Matter

Standards matter. They enable interoperability, the creation of ecosystems, and facilitate innovation.

Many companies, Zerado included, have remarked that Blockchain resembles the early Internet. There is a fierce debate whether Blockchain resembles 1993 s internet, or maybe 1985 s internet. There is, however, one missing piece of thought leadership around that metaphor and that is standardisation.

Joint Venture: Disberse - Distributing Aid through Distributed Ledgers

We are very excited to announce our JV, Disberse: Disberse is redefining the status quo of financial flow for Global Development through our new platform.

Disberse is a fund management platform that drives the transparent, efficient and effective flow of development and humanitarian aid. We enable Donors, Governments and NGOs to transfer and trace funds through the whole chain, from donor to beneficiary, via intermediaries. We ensure that vital resources reach those they are intended to serve, for the greatest impact.

10X Future Technologies and Payments UK Open Banking Initiative

Two major events transpired on the same day this week.

The first of which was Payments UK s Confirmation of Payee (CoP) Stakeholder Event in which Zerado was not only a proud contributor of the Blockchain expertise to the entire work-stream, but also a presenter and a panellist. This stage marks an important milestone within the core vision of the UK payments industry and regulators, one which Zerado was grateful to have a place in shaping through its technological and regulatory insights.

That by itself would have made October 31st a spectacular day. However, it has been overshadowed by the launch of Anthony Jenkins s 10X Future Technologies a unique financial enterprise that delivers on the promise that Mr Jenkins has discussed in the media, both as Barclays CEO and following his resignation. This is a prime example of an API innovation happening from outside-in, rather than inside-out.

Money 20/20 Summary

Our summary of the talks at this year s Money 2020. Money 2020 is one of the world s largest events covering payments and financial services. The event offered insights into issues such as; the future of passwords and biometrics, Blockchain applications in capital markets, and the role of governments in building thriving FinTech ecosystems.