Joint Venture: Disberse - Distributing Aid through Distributed Ledgers


Zerado Team has walked a very exciting path ever since we agreed to restructure and walk it as an independent company almost a year ago. When asked why have we decided to do it on our own, the answer was, to be able to govern ourselves independently, to take exciting and well calculated risks, and to better align with the needs of our sector and stakeholders.

Over that time, we ve advised some of the largest and some of the smallest organisations. We ve worked with governments, and with startups. We ve attracted some new and exciting talent, and we ve managed to retain the agility that allows us to travel internationally on a moments notice, explore Middle East partnerships from the middle of an American desert, and meet some incredible individuals.

We have set our business to be active in the following four areas:


  1. We advise, on the cryptography, distributed ledger, regulation, policy and other matters.
  2. We educate, both internally and externally, through articles, courses and interviews.
  3. We research, to support our client needs and to take a peek beyond the horizon.
  4. We build, (and define, and design) and we have a range of products that we re marketing.

Our team has always wanted to do more. We wanted to support the charity sector. In the first few months, we discussed the idea of spending summer together working in developing countries, so we were extremely pleased when we met Ben Joakim and his concept for revolutionising humanitarian aid.

Three months ago, we decided to form a joint venture yet another unique possibility afforded to by remaining independent and vendor and industry agnostic we simply agreed to form a company together, to commercialise this idea. Zerado provides technological, regulatory and ancillary support, whilst Ben leads the business bringing together his expertise within international development and social enterprise.

Please join me in officially announcing a new Zerado company Disberse Limited!


This is a soft-launch and an explanation on why we re adding another business to our LinkedIn profiles, and a chance to point your attention to the new development.

After Christmas, on the 23rd of January, and as part of London Blockchain Week, we ll be hosting a formal launch event and sharing some of the key findings from the pilots we are currently gearing up towards. Please save the date 23rd January from 3pm to 5pm, and reach out earlier with any questions or suggestions!

Disberse is a fund management platform that drives the transparent, efficient and effective flow of development and humanitarian aid. We enable Donors, Governments and NGOs to transfer and trace funds through the whole chain, from donor to beneficiary, via intermediaries. We ensure that vital resources reach those they are intended to serve, for the greatest impact.


Please head to for more information and if you re looking for a partner, and think that the standard business models of consulting or outsourcing are too narrow for your vision don t hesitate to ask, at Zerado, we re reinventing old ways of thinking all the time.

Perhaps, we ll shake hands on new partnership soon!